With the recent rise of ISIS, we’ve seen and heard of a lot of finger pointing as to who is responsible for their reach and destruction, who has failed to suppress and destroy the enemy, who has effectively supported and helped the weakened and the hurt, and who broke promises of assistance and peace. I recently watched a TV spot wherein a popular and well liked TV host broke down the face-value history of how America helped a group of rebels to stand firm and overthrow their opposing forces… Long story short, the Islamic State strategically rose up from the ashes of Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s disbanded military soon after US ground forces reduced presence in Iraq and now we’re right back at square one debating if we should help arm and train MORE rebels to stand firm and overthrow THEIR opposing forces (who coincidentally have made enemies with just about everyone). With the nature of the rebels this time around (the Kurds) being good, bad, or indifferent, are we that blind as to not recognize that we’ve seen this movie before?? We’ve ridden this ride, heard this song, and played this game more times that we should care to admit. We should be able to reasonably predict where this road is going to take us, right? I’m not missing something, am I? Is there some glaring fact that I’m oblivious to, or are we seriously reinventing the terror-wheel? Is it not madness to do the same thing over and over and over and over, each time expecting different results? No offense to the Kurds, as they are presumably and hopefully just trying to live without the constant threat of some religious whack job coming to the neighborhood to promote some fanatic idea who will accept nothing less than your head on a stick if you disagree.

Right now, the climate in the Middle East gives the impression that this extremist group is casting a very wide, a very dark, and a very heavy shadow across the land. I’m reminded of WWII propaganda where a Nazi shadow grows over and envelopes Europe. They (today’s assholes) have been basically doing whatever they want under the guise of… under the banner of… under the justification and rationalization of… I don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. I don’t know what gives them the perceived authority to carry out mass murder, torture, destruction, or any other atrocity that I’ve seen or heard about. Maybe they feel that their bloodline, history, lineage, is owed something due to past transgressions, grudges, religious prophesy, or just straight up flat out selfish intention? Entitlement? Regardless, as much as I want to attempt to understand, I can’t help but feel a significant rift between them and myself. I can’t help but judge them by their cover and look on them with anger and disgust. How can they hurt people like they do and believe that they are righteous or that their behavior is allowed? Without the mention of race, religion, age, gender, political affiliation, geographic location, ideological principle, or any other identifying factors, you cannot deny that that there will always be two separate and distinctly different classifications of people. There will always be good people and bad people. Good guys and bad guys. Some people waiver, toe the line, dance on that line, and jump back and forth as they see fit. We all get our just reward in the end… But there is no argument against the fact that some people will always create more and more enemies.

War. War lives. War breaths. War burns the soul and freezes the heart. War reveals integrity. War spotlights character. War creates bonds. War tears people apart. War forges the weak into the strong. War changes. War taints. War will build and war will destroy. War is hell. War is life. War is fun.

War is avoidable. It always has been. Our history has been built on facts, insecurities, fears and half-truths, made up bullshit, and straight up fucking lies. Our wars have been fought under the ideas and intentions of doing the right thing for the right reasons, yet time and time again we uncover mistruths and hypocrisy as we learn more about the war at hand. Today our war has grown a personality and face of its own that is beginning to less and less resemble wars of our past. We are no longer fighting a country for resources. We are no longer fighting an established military with finite warriors and governmental support. We are no longer fighting that one main boss at the end of level 24 to save the world. We have created the identity of “Terror” and declared war on it. And then “Terror” grew a mind of its own, grew in strength and number as the American population and the rest of the world began to fear again. We used to fear the atomic bomb. We used to fear chemical warfare. We used to fear Y2K. Now we fear “fear” itself and have allowed that fear to manifest itself in security measures and offenses, shaming anyone who is different, creating restrictions on personal liberties, blind accusations, irrational rioting, segregation, and all of the –isms (sexism, racism, etc…). Terror is winning.

So, what does “right” look like? Who is the real enemy? How do we win? Why can’t we all just get along…? Because some people will always piss in your pool. We are fighting an idea that has been planted and fertilized in the hearts and minds of the vulnerable and malleable. We are fighting against an enemy that can infiltrate very effectively if we allow it. Is it too far a reach to say that we are fighting a certain sect of a certain religion? How does that happen?? Are we fighting faith and true believers and the spiritually just and the power of their deity? Our enemy lives here, among us. They are waiting, patiently. They are planning, furiously. They are watching, intently. They claim peace, yet hold a dagger behind their back. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Evil lives in the hearts of man. Evil is alive and well and we have been too far dumbed down to do anything about it. We have been deluded and sedated in the face of evil by swallowing bold-faced lies from people with misdirected execution.

We need to take these United States of America back from the man-made fear that we’ve wrapped it in. It’s time for each and every American to begin BEING the positive change that we want to see, because let’s face it… Nobody else is going to do this shit for us.

This is war as I see it. I like to think that as a United States of America, we are fighting for the world, not against it, fighting for the people on our left and right, globally fighting for those on our left and right, helping those unjustly weakened and hurting, all the while promoting peace and assistance. Yes, I realize we have been fighting for money. Yes, I realize our country has fucked over a lot of people. Yes, I realize I may be blowing smoke out of my fourth point of contact. But I like to think I am also not the only one hanging on to this hope…

Be safe and stay safe.

-Ramos #TopMedic08





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Things change. People change. The world changes around us and there ain’t shit we can do about it. This radio program is changing. Our focus and intent, YOUR focus and intent, everything is changing as it has, as it does, and as it ever will. Our society and culture are changing along with us as we grow and build and break and fix. We are teaching our younger generations by providing them environmental stressors that are constantly shifting and on the move. Our advancements in technology and medicine, the health of the ocean and skies, astrological exploration, and the human potential have been exponentially increasing and it seems like we’re leaving parts of our understanding behind to play “catch up”.   Some days I think we’re doing all right as a whole. Other days I hear about things that really, truly make me question and wonder… What the actual f*ck? How do they sleep at night? How can they continue doing what they do while people around beg, plead, scream, and cry in sheer terror? There is so much animosity, if you know where to look. If you’re not into that sort of thing, come hang out with us!! It just so happens that we broadcast from the chillest spot on freaking west coast. Santa Cruz, for the most part, is great for relaxation, getting away, enjoying the beach, the waves, the boardwalk, the forest, the food, the holistic life. Stress has to fight to stick with most people… Others carry that stress and allow it to consume them. Anger. Hate. Violence. Now I get it…

But again, I haven’t lived a single day in THEIR shoes… I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a broken down, shitty, depraved, threatened, vicious, at risk, abandoned, villainous village where bandits, rebels, religious zealots, extremists, rapists, murderers, and gangs threaten my very existence. I’ve never had those seeds planted in my life. I am not sure where my personal restrictions would end up had I ever witnessed a family member being subjected to any of the atrocities I’ve heard about.

What the shit… This isn’t the direction I planned for this blog. I wanted to give some updates and let you in on some cool upcoming stuffs! That was what all the change crap was about. We’ve been knee deep in our series on Military Sexual Trauma and the fire is only getting hotter and hotter. The threats our military personnel are facing are very real, very disturbing, and very crushing. This issue has been going on far longer and far more inflamed than we could have imagined. The damage that we are doing to our “Brothers and Sisters in Arms” is disgusting as it destroys the very thing we are trying to protect. What the actual fuck?

Our next few series will be just as riveting and important and really should be highlighted and explored more, not only for the sake of our Veteran’s and their health, but for their families and friends. The intention with our series blocks is to shed some light on the personal wars that our fighting forces are going through. As cheesy as you may think it, just because we have come home from war does not mean the war has left us. Look at what has been going on in Iraq in the last few weeks. These ISIS clowns are currently parading around doing whatever the fuck they want while our news media paints a picture of the failure and defeat of our missions for the last 12 years. Nope, fuck that. I declare shenanigans and malarkey. We haven’t failed. Mission objectives change. Geography changes. The face of our enemy changes. Our intention to draw back and “leave Iraq” (as controversial as it is) had to have been planned and strategized over the course of time in an effort to benefit all parties and nations involved. …or so I would hope… But we haven’t failed. Anyway… personal wars… yeah… Our next series will be on the PTSD that our fighting forces face every day. PTSD is a HUGE umbrella that is certainly not restricted to the military. However, the source and focal point of this brand of PTSD deals with some real life and death gravity. Taking lives. Losing lives. Innocence stained and lost. Violence in the name of… in the name of what? Identity crisis. Relationships. Trust. We will ease into our next series with some overlap because MTBI and PTSD do go hand in hand. After the MTBI series we are going to open up to religion and try to understand why religion has led to so much global violence throughout history… There are some great things underway so stay tuned to am1340 on Wednesdays from 1400-1600 California time and stream us online at www.VeteransTakeCharge.com/listen-now while we highlight our nation’s strengths, challenge our nation’s weaknesses, and declare shenanigans and malarkey on our global failures!!

Be safe and stay safe Troops!

-Ramos #TopMedic08